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HUMAES is an acronym of Humans Must Access Essential Services. It is a rights based and a non-profit making organization founded by concerned South Sudanese intellectuals in November 2013 and officially registered by the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) in the Republic of South Sudan with registration number 343 and also registered by Uganda Registrar of companies with Registration no.80020000035751. Its major aim is to empower communities through their existing structures and create opportunities for sustainable development.


Our Field Office in Nimule Town, South Sudan

What We Do

HIV/AID Prevention

HUMAES implements linkages across the continuum of HIV Services for key populations affected by HIV (LINKAGES), South Sudan to ensure health services are sustainably improved to effectively provide stigma and discrimination free services.



Peace & Community Cohesion

The South Sudan crisis has corrupted the behaviour of the youth. Most youth are involved in chewing marungu (a drug), high consumption of alcohol, fighting, stealing, fornication etc. The local communities do not consider the youth as future leaders but as youth who will ruin the future generation. This has widened the gaps between youth and elders. Therefore, the gap between youth and the community leaders needs to reduce to create peace in the community and correct the anti-social behavior of the youth.

Gender Based Violence Prevention

Strengthening gender based violence prevention, mitigation and response

* Awareness Raising

* Case Management

* Income generating activities

* Linkage & Referral to GBV services


Primary Education

Providing primary education to children who come from families affected with HIV/AIDS, disabilities.  Many are also orphans.

* School construction

* School running costs

* School meals

Livelihood and Environment

HUMAES is mandated by the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) Kampala Uganda to implement integrated livelihood and environmental conservation in refugee settlements to improve farmers’ skills and knowledge on community based environmental conservation to reduce effect of global warming in the world

Recent Post

School Background

Nimule is a small town in South Sudan, close to the border with Uganda.  Although relatively peaceful, it is a very poor place, with high rates of HIV and many IDPs (internally displaced people) who have fled the fighting in other parts of South Sudan.  Throughout...

School Support

Giving hope for children who comes from the families affected with HIV, disabilities and orphans.

Peer Educators & Navigators

Condom demonstration during peer education session

Class Session

Our Co-founder having teaching moment with the children.

Music Dance & Drama

Fresher Training during peace and community cohesion activities.


Anzoyo Sophie, Ma’di traditional dance leader (left), participating in interview carried by HUMAES peace project officer I am Mrs. Anzoyo Sophie, aged 25 years.  I am a Ma’di traditional dance leader.  There are 30 members in our group. Before our community went to a...

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