Caption: Cece Primary School Pupils


Cece Primary School was established in 2016 in Porio village, Nimule Town Council, Magwi County, South Sudan/ The School was establish in partnership between Cece Support group of people living with HIV, Human Must Access Essentials (HUMAES) non-governmental organization and Rebecca Mallinson a British.  The School depended on Rebecca’s fund raising from individual donors in Uk. Unfortunately, the school has run into severe financial difficulties owning to the ever worsening fundraising situation. Rebecca has failed to find more donors due to changes in attitudes in the Uk. that has resulted to lack of money to pay salaries of teachers in December 2023.

Due to the financial situation,  Cece Primary School  has closed down for a  term in 2024. And all its immovable items such as; desks, chairs, text books, Pupils   and teachers were transferred to neighboring Schools.   What remained was the immovable School infrastructures such as classrooms, foot store, kitchen, and latrine.  It appears that it was the end of the School for many people, However, by God’s grace, the few remaining directors have re-opened the School from Primary 1 to Primary 5.  As a result, within just one week’s time, the School enrollment has increased from 5 pupils to 21 pupils.  The increase in enrollment was attributed to harp increment of school fees in other Primary Schools.

With these sharp increment of School fees, Most former pupils of Cece Primary School are expected to come back to Cece Primary School by next year 2025.  Therefore, we welcome people of good will to support Cece Primary School

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