HUMAES joins the 21st century

Like much of South Sudan, modern day utilities are hard to come by in Nimule.  No regular electricity, running water, postal system…..

HUMAES has struggled with electricity in their office ever since their inception 7 years ago.  Up until today (3 August 2020) we have hired electricity from a private local supplier on a monthly basis.  That electricity runs from 10am to 1.30pm and then from 6pm to 10pm.  These are not convenient hours for a full time office.  During times when the generator breaks down or there is a shortage of fuel, we have had no power at all.  The cost has also been high: roughly $50 a month.

Cece Primary School, who share HUMAES’s office, has always contributed towards the cost of power.  This will free up some of the school funds for other uses.

Electrician explains the electrical system to Charles Anyanzo, HUMAES’s Executive Director

Due to HUMAES’s new partnership with the Civil Society Facility, we have been given a grant to install solar power.  The Civil Society Facility is funded by Mott MacDonald.  This morning, the new power was installed and switched on for the first time.  Office productivity will be greatly enhanced, with no wasted time waiting for power to come on.

In addition to electricity, we have been receiving training on project management through a tutor who, after an initial 3 day workshop, is helping each member of staff individually over a three week period.  This training will be followed by a one week training course on advocacy.

Solar panels in place

All the help we are receiving is aimed at building HUMAES’s capacity and sustainability in the long term.

We are so grateful to the Civil Society Facility and Mott MacDonald for their much needed help, which will enable HUMAES to work far more efficiently in future.

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